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How does this font work with text formatting? I want to use it in Unity with TMP,  and I really want a pixel font that supports as many characters as possible, and this is one of the very very few that at least supports æøå! So thank you for taking time with that :) 

Hi, thank you for dropping by. :)

Text formatting should be handled by TextMeshPro automatically. I've tried it with Unity as you can see from the image I have attached.

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What Font Size should I set this to when doing a (Hinted) Raster render? (e.g. in Unity) What is the default character height? 

It looks like 8, but that gives me jumbled results in Unity.

EDIT: Okay, it was 10, and I had to use the .ttf instead of the .otf for it to work nicely.

Hi there. Sorry for my late reply. Thanks for your finding by the way. Will look for the fix for the otf format. Thanks again. :)

Not sure if something is wrong with the OTF! Maybe it's just how Unity (actually TextMeshPro) handles the RASTER_HINTED rendering.

Did you draw the characters on these examples?

No, i'm not. It's drew by Bakudas,

Does it include Latin characters?

Hi! What do you mean by latin characters? Letters like this: á with aposthropes? If so, then I am sorry my font haven't implemented it yet. Maybe in the future I will update with it.


That's correct. Once it includes those id happily buy. Otherwise i wouldn't be able to do basic language translations.

The same here.

Got it! Will update it soon. Thanks for the input. :)

<3 YEIIIII!!!!!